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The first Easy-Way store at 80 N. Main


Pate Carter, Sr.

Pate Carter, Sr. (the current owners' grandfather) opened the first Easy-Way store on December 2, 1932 at 80 N. Main

Barry Carter, Sr.

Barry Carter, Sr. took over operation of the store from his father, and Barry Carter, Jr. and brother David Carter are the current owners with their father who is retired from day to day operations.

Barry Carter, Jr.

David Carter

1970 - Early 1970's: Barry Sr. opened the first produce-only store at the curb market in Midtown Memphis, and Barry Jr. and David have continuously expanded the produce-only stores throughout Memphis. Easy-Way now has six retail locations.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How often is fresh produce delivered to each Easy-Way location?
Fresh produce is delivered to each store daily. During peak period and Home-Grown season (summer-spring) 2-3 deliveries daily are common.

What are your store hours?
Our store hours vary by season and location. Please check out our locations link above to see the most up-to-date hours by location!

Why are all the Easy-Way stores orange?
The color orange is considered to be an appetite stimulant and it draws a lot of attention.

Are there going to be any more store openings any time soon or in the future - if so where?
Planned in the future, yes. Soon, no definite planned locations at present. We are interested in future locations in Cordova, Millington, and north Mississippi.

Where does your produce come from?
We strive to provide our customers with the freshest produce from our local surrounding areas whenever possible!(TN.- ARK. - MS. - Missouri) Othewise, we have product shipped in from all over the U.S. and from various countries for seasonal items such as Chilean Grapes, New Zealand apples and Kiwi fruit.

When are Vidalia Onions available?
Early spring through early summer

When are Ripley, TN tomatoes available?
Green tomatoes from Ripley are first available late May through early June; Vine ripened red tomatoes are available middle to late June through August.



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